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I think to myself all the time:

“I should be writing jokes right now.”

Here’s the thing… it is not easy to write jokes. Sometimes I just don’t feel funny.

Sometimes it gets dark at 5pm and is only 15 degrees outside, and the air is pure pollution. The sky looks like it had a long night of drinking followed up with some Tacos Locos from Taco Bell.

My son doesn’t even go outside at his elementary school for recess because it is so nasty out.

Stress doesn’t usually seem to inspire funny. Today, I am stressed. That same son is so unmotivated when it comes to school… or putting in any kind of extra work for anything, even for something he loves, like baseball or football.

If he doesn’t put a little extra work in for the things he loves…then what chance does math have.

I guess I decided to write this because it is one of my comedy obstacles. Maybe once I am aware of it, I can overcome it. Ultimately finding humor on days like today.

I hope I am able to get to the point where I able to write, find humor, regardless of the weather and the other many stresses in life. That is the point of this whole journey.

To smile, even in the dark. And hopefully I can make other smile with me.

Much love.Image