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I am excited to write again about school. My last class was about ethics, and so was the teacher. It is important stuff, but doesn’t make for interesting writing. 

I am not in research methods. Sounds about as exciting as ethics, right? Well, it actually enjoyable to me. I like to think about my world, and find answers to questions, which ultimately lead to new questions. I am a curious person, and curiosity is satisfied through research.

I believe that we all conduct research all the time. It might not be a formal experiment, but we do it beginning at the earliest of ages. We test the world to see what works for us, what helps us satisfy needs, and what makes us happy. 

In addition to just liking research, I love my teacher. I loved him immediately. I feel like we are kindred spirits or something. He is big into eastern psychology, Buddhism, meditation, and zen. Being in the now and making the most of life. Living our lives to the fullest. 

After one night, I have learned so much more than how to conduct scientific research. I suspect this will continue as he challenges me and what I think I know. 

I am excited for this journey.