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I have not posted much about school lately. The main reason is that I have been an ethics class, which is super boring, but super relevant. The main thing I learned is “don’t do stupid things”

What I have also learned is that there are at a minimum 2 of the 9 students who should absolutely not be a therapist. 

One of the benefits of a traditional university over University of Phoenix is the more strict admissions process weeds out at least some of those who should not be counseling. 

On the other hand, Ted Bundy was a graduate student of psychology at the University of Utah. That was like 40 years ago, things have changed right? I am pretty sure Ted Bundy would have gone to University of Phoenix if he were to do it all over. 

Damn, I wonder if there is a serial killer in my class. Great, how am I going to sleep in class now.