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The other day I was driving and a great joke popped into my head.

Very short joke. But it made me laugh. 

Ready for it…. 

Here goes…

Fuck… I forgot it. 

Unfortunately, I was driving at the time and wasn’t able to write it down. I also assumed I would remember it when I got home in 5 minutes. 

However, this was not to be. Maybe the joke wasn’t that funny after all.

I hope it comes back to me someday when I have a writing utensil and a paper product handy, or I figure out how to use my voice record on my phone while driving. I should figure out how to do that… it can’t be that hard. I will ask Siri tomorrow. I hope she knows… she is smart, but sometimes she doesn’t like my questions. Like the other day I asked if she likes…. actually… I digress. Where was I…

Oh yea, inspiration and timing are often not on the same page.