My Son’s Football Highlights


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I haven’t posted in months. I have been pretty busy with school and with helping my son with football. Well football is over, but here is a highlight video I made and gave to him at Christmas. This was my first video editing experience. I used iMovie. I think it went pretty well. I really enjoyed the process and I definitely learned something new. I hope to make more videos in the future.


If you are curious, he is 13 and plays in Plain City, Utah. He is the best!


Passion, but why?


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My teacher brought up a good point the other day… why do we have passion? No other creatures really have passion the way we do, why?

I like to think about that. Maybe passion is a sign of what we should be doing with our lives?Something that we should put all of our energy into, because the results will give us the happiest possible live.

What am I passionate about? seems like an easy answer, not sure why I am coming up with blanks. I should probably focus on this over the next little while. Identify my passion. Maybe there is more than one passions?

My dog is passionate about chasing a tennis ball. Little fucker is relentless at fetch.

What I learned Wednesday


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I am excited to write again about school. My last class was about ethics, and so was the teacher. It is important stuff, but doesn’t make for interesting writing. 

I am not in research methods. Sounds about as exciting as ethics, right? Well, it actually enjoyable to me. I like to think about my world, and find answers to questions, which ultimately lead to new questions. I am a curious person, and curiosity is satisfied through research.

I believe that we all conduct research all the time. It might not be a formal experiment, but we do it beginning at the earliest of ages. We test the world to see what works for us, what helps us satisfy needs, and what makes us happy. 

In addition to just liking research, I love my teacher. I loved him immediately. I feel like we are kindred spirits or something. He is big into eastern psychology, Buddhism, meditation, and zen. Being in the now and making the most of life. Living our lives to the fullest. 

After one night, I have learned so much more than how to conduct scientific research. I suspect this will continue as he challenges me and what I think I know. 

I am excited for this journey.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Ethics Class


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I have not posted much about school lately. The main reason is that I have been an ethics class, which is super boring, but super relevant. The main thing I learned is “don’t do stupid things”

What I have also learned is that there are at a minimum 2 of the 9 students who should absolutely not be a therapist. 

One of the benefits of a traditional university over University of Phoenix is the more strict admissions process weeds out at least some of those who should not be counseling. 

On the other hand, Ted Bundy was a graduate student of psychology at the University of Utah. That was like 40 years ago, things have changed right? I am pretty sure Ted Bundy would have gone to University of Phoenix if he were to do it all over. 

Damn, I wonder if there is a serial killer in my class. Great, how am I going to sleep in class now. 

Growing Up = Learning

Love that this happened. Amazing how we find our passions just at the right times.


All of my life I have wanted to find something I was passionate about. I wanted to find it before I knew what it truly meant to be passionate about something. I had dabbled in many things growing up: violin, dance (tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet), ice skating, basketball, drawing, percussion, piano, writing jingles (yeah, for advertisement), gymnastics, cheerleading, math club (i’m asian after all), and a bunch of other things not even worth mentioning. 

I was always frustrated. I thought I was fairly decent at a lot of these things, without much practice. However, because I didn’t find anything to focus on, I never became really good at any one thing. I wanted to find that one thing. I thought this would be my passion, and that I would be happy when I found it. I thought something was wrong with me, and I was a little mad at…

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First Finished Pieces

ceramics rookie > comedy rookie! I love these


april ceramics web-1 teapot set with two tea bowls

april ceramics web-3 pen holder

april ceramics web-4 large pinch pot

april ceramics web-5 kitchen utensil holder

april ceramics web-6 star design mug

april ceramics web-7 pebble/sea creature mug

april ceramics web-8 simple rectangle pattern mug

april ceramics web-9 gravy pitcher

april ceramics web-10 syrup pitcher

april ceramics web-11 decorative storage box

april ceramics web-12 decorative storage box

april ceramics web-13 raku fired candle holder

april ceramics web-14 raku fired candle holder

april ceramics web-15 sea creature vase

april ceramics web-16 criss cross vase

april ceramics web-17 turquoise raku fired organic form vase

april ceramics web-18 smoked pot

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I hope this letter finds you well…


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April 04, 2013

Location: unknown

My dearest Brooke,

I pray that this letter makes it way safely to you and you are well. Please pardon my ungraceful language and font selection. Life in the jungle has been difficult to say the least. I often feel like James Franco in that movie, 127 hours, but this feels much worse. I might be exaggerating due to exhaustion, you see, it has been 3 full days since the Internet went out. I am beginning to worry. My cellular phone’s data rations are threateningly low. I think I can survive a couple more days, but I will be thirst is becoming a real concern. I don’t dare check instagram or facebook at this time. Only twitter, but I am avoiding links, specifically to YouTube… however, I must admit, i got sucked into a cute video about baby elephants. But that’s what I get for going to Buzzfeed, I can not afford to make that mistake again. That was an early mistake in my demise.

My thoughts are frequently with you… How long has it been??? feels like an eternity since we basked in the warm glow of a Netflix binge.

Good news. I have been adventuring into new places and scavenging wifi. Some locations have been pretty nice…some seem like a trap, offering wifi to draw in the needy, only to exploit them. I was exploited. I hope it is something you never stumble across in your journey through the world wide web. I am truly ashamed of what lengths I have gone to for the simple use of wifi, and I am really sore.

I long for the days when I can return to your e-side. Where we can instant message from the same room. When that day comes (I am trying to keep a positive mental attitude towards survival), I may gracefully ask your assistance in documenting this adventure. I hope my struggles can be a source of inspiration and caution for others in this world.

You’re Loving and Gracious Partner,

Note to self: Order penicillin online post haste.



Tourette’s Teacher – Finale


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I no long have tourette’s teacher. Now that it is over, I feel comfortable saying that I enjoyed the class and her style of teaching.

She was really good at application and pushing us students into uncomfortable places, which has resulted in growth. At least for me. 

I will also say, she had a unique sense of humor. For example, on the last night of class, she held a raffle. The classroom began competing, each person unluckier than the next. Finally, one student, let’s call him Antoine, said he is unlucky, it always rains on him and he is always in jail… he was not being serious.  Then TT (tourette’s teacher) had a great response: 

Z: It always rains on me. and I always go to jail

TT: If you are in jail, that is not rain.

HA! That is subtle and brilliant. Unfortunately, I was the only person who picked up on the joke. Everyone was quiet, but me. And I applauded her brilliance. 

Thank you Tourette’s Teacher. You were awesome. I will see you again. 

The call… it is coming from…


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“This is the police. We’ve done a trace.. and the call is coming from the other room!”

“It’s just your kid, on the couch, playing video games. Good thing he has a cell phone so he doesn’t have to walk 20 steps to ask if he can have a Snack Pack.”

Phone calls from inside the same house were a lot creepier before everyone had a cell phone and became super lazy.



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Like most people, I was thinking about jumbo-trons the other day. And I thought:

“Should I be calling my TV a mini-tron?”

“What the hell does ‘Jumbo-Tron’ even mean?”

“Who came up with this name?”

“Why not Mega-Vison or GianTv (maybe not Giant V, could be mistaken for giant vagina)”

“Is it derived from Jumbo Electronic?”

“I should Google this, but fuck it, the answer is probably boring.”