Love that this happened. Amazing how we find our passions just at the right times.


All of my life I have wanted to find something I was passionate about. I wanted to find it before I knew what it truly meant to be passionate about something. I had dabbled in many things growing up: violin, dance (tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet), ice skating, basketball, drawing, percussion, piano, writing jingles (yeah, for advertisement), gymnastics, cheerleading, math club (i’m asian after all), and a bunch of other things not even worth mentioning. 

I was always frustrated. I thought I was fairly decent at a lot of these things, without much practice. However, because I didn’t find anything to focus on, I never became really good at any one thing. I wanted to find that one thing. I thought this would be my passion, and that I would be happy when I found it. I thought something was wrong with me, and I was a little mad at…

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