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I am thinking of writing a short story. So far the main character is just a normal guy in his late 30’s. Wife, couple kids, decent home. You get the picture. Here is the deal, we are trying to decide whether he is a good or a bad guy. Here is a little more information:

Here are a few more details

He is a “religious” man, but really likes to party (drink, smoke pot).

Recently, he went out on a Saturday night…(not a big deal. a lot of people do that).

With a much younger female… (which his easily manipulated and controlled doormat, I mean wife, is probably aware of, he does this sort of thing on a regular basis)…

…Drinking and smoking pot… you know… to prepare for church in the morning…

………his wife is home……with her two you children…..with the third one due at any moment. 

She literally could go into labor at any second with their third child. 

So my question, good guy or bad guy? Is this even a believable character? What should happen to him?

Here is the twist, he is a real guy, with a real doormat!

Have you ever known someone who is a complete and obvious dick. I mean a total asshole. The assholery is so obvious, but is something that is honed over many years of practice and is somehow overlooked and accepted?!?! I realized I have been an “assholery-overlooker” for years when it comes to one particular asshole. Maybe the boiled frog analogy applies, that is about the only excuse I have for myself. 

Well, for almost 2 years I have removed myself from the asshole’s life, until recently, when I ran into “it” on a random night out. 

You see, this captain dick is still friends with some of my friends, which really kind of baffles my mind. Because they are good people! Who care about the world and about others! It simply doesn’t seem to fit, other than it is the way it has always been.

And after two years, the assholery is so god damn mother fucking obvious it is painful. 

I guess to my point, would anyone even believe this character in a fictional tale?