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I no long have tourette’s teacher. Now that it is over, I feel comfortable saying that I enjoyed the class and her style of teaching.

She was really good at application and pushing us students into uncomfortable places, which has resulted in growth. At least for me. 

I will also say, she had a unique sense of humor. For example, on the last night of class, she held a raffle. The classroom began competing, each person unluckier than the next. Finally, one student, let’s call him Antoine, said he is unlucky, it always rains on him and he is always in jail… he was not being serious.  Then TT (tourette’s teacher) had a great response: 

Z: It always rains on me. and I always go to jail

TT: If you are in jail, that is not rain.

HA! That is subtle and brilliant. Unfortunately, I was the only person who picked up on the joke. Everyone was quiet, but me. And I applauded her brilliance. 

Thank you Tourette’s Teacher. You were awesome. I will see you again.