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I got my teacher to say fucker…twice. Then I said fucker once, really loud. 

This occurred during class… graduate school, for clinical mental health counseling… and it was awesome!

First off, I want to share that my teacher has Tourette’s Syndrome. Not that I think that is why she said fucker (or tells other incredibly entertaining stories), but I feel it is important to note. I do not believe that her Tourette’s is expressed verbally, not that I have noticed, but rather in a series of twitches.

We do a lot of counselor/client role playing in class. Makes sense in a Mental Health Counseling program. For this round she selected me to play the part of client (C) and she was the therapist (T).

As a client, I had poor self-image issues. I frequently called myself a “moron” and became to believe that I was indeed a moron.

T = So tell me about a specific event that lead you think you are a moron.

C = Well, for example, the other day I yelled “effer” at work because my stupid computer wasn’t working. I lost it for a second. You can’t yell “effer” at work. I am lucky I didn’t get fired. That one reason I am a moron.

T = You yelled “effer” or you yelled “fucker”? 

C = I said the actual word. I said the “F” word. Loud. Like a moron.

T = Do sometimes people call their computer a fucker?

C = Well, I suppose.

T = Replay the situation exactly to me please.

C = I was working on a document, my computer froze, and I yelled “YOU STUPID FUCKER!”

T = Do you know anyone else that sometimes swears? (and on it went)

Point is, She said fucker. Twice. I yelled it. Once. All while in school, in front of other students. They laughed. It was awesome.

Each week she has some fun story like this. I only have her a few more weeks, but I will have more to Tourette’s teacher moments