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I am currently in school, for the third time. I am working on my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I started this blog with the intention of it being focused on my growth, progress, and observations as I explore the world of comedy. But in reality, it is a blog about me, and my overall growth as a person. I try to keep it light and funny, but I also want it to be genuine. 

Since I have started school, I have not written much on here. Maybe it is because I write so many damn papers now that I have little motivation to sit and write for the sake of writing. But this is something I need to remedy. I enjoy writing. 

So my plan is to add to this blog. It will no longer just be about jokes and standup. It will also be about my progress towards my new career as a therapist. I am going to journal the things I learn, the things that fascinate me, the things that frustrate me, and the things that make me laugh. 

Before I go, I want to talk a little bit about goals. School is a goal for me, as is learning. Grades, on the other hand, are not! I should qualify this with I get good grades, and will likely continue to. My feeling is that as long as I focus on learning, then the grades will take care of themselves…as long as I write all the effing papers! 

Another goal of mine is to post a blog about my education every Wednesday. Maybe I will give it a clever title like “What I learned Wednesdays” or something much better. 

Stay tuned!