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So a few weeks ago I attended a pretty cool business seminar… if you want to call it that. It was called “Success 2013.” So spectacular. It really wasn’t about business success, but more about personal success. There were some amazing and inspirational speakers who made you feel like you can accomplish anything if you bust your ass and overcome obstacles.

There was also a lot of selling. In between people like Larry King and Rudy Giuliani were people selling a stock trading program (TNT), or how to get rich quick with real estate. And don’t get me wrong, they were also inspirational and motivational. And I am quite certain that they have your best interest at heart… as well as your wallet and hopefully how they can get some of your cash out of it. 

I get it, they need to pay Larry and Rudy and all the other amazing people. But don’t try to hide that fact. The point is, the whole conference is about getting you to sign up for another seminar. And if you act now, the price is reduced from $2,000 to just $99! How can you not give, I mean invest, $99 to get rich!

Here’s the deal. From what I understand, once you go to the seminar (TNT for stock trading for example), you will learn something. But you will be sold on packages that will guarantee wealth…for a small $25,000 fee. 

Anyway, so my point is this, if you get the opportunity to spend $5 to go to a Success 2013 seminar, do it. There will be amazing people there and it will be worth your time. However, use caution in signing up for these extra seminars. Plan to be sold something. They are there to make money, not really to make you money. That is just my opinion. 

FWIW, I am signed up to attend the Ebay weekend. Not sure if I will be able to go or not, but if I do I will make sure to write about it.