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I am making what seems like my 100th attempt at serious meditation. Ok, actually it is probably my 4th real attempt. 

It is something I have thought about a good majority of days over the past couple of years, but like a lot of good habits, it was hard to just get started. 

It is also difficult to know what to do. Here is what I have learned so far:

1. Help. Get a phone app to help track days and remind you. I use a free app called “lift” and so far it is great. There is something very motivational about keeping a days-in-a-row streak going. 

2. Chaos. Your mind will wander. A lot. That’s just part of being a rookie. Stick with it and you will get better. I am seeing improvements every time. 

3. Posture. This one has been tricky for me. I started on a week when my back was pretty sore, so it was hard to sit up in the standard mediation pose for too long before I just started focusing on my sore back, so I laid down. Posture seems important and is something I am going to continue to work at. 

4. Research. I am going to look into techniques to get better. Especially with the posture.

5. Educated. I am going to hopefully get to the point where I can teach others. Our brains are so full of so much traffic all the time. Sometimes you need to stop, get out of the car, and then the right path will become clear.

6. Feedback and tips. Please send me any ideas that you might have. I am open to try anything (well, just about anything). 

Thanks friends. Happy meditating.