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June 20, 2013: A day where I would be forced to make a decision. Regardless of what I chose, there would always be an element of regret, wishing I had chose the other option. Here is what I faced:

A) Attend my son’s baseball game. He is 11. I have never missed a game, out of nearly 200 over the last three years. I hate missing games. In his last game, he was faced with some new hurdles, some potential set backs. He failed in ways he had never failed before. It was heavy.I wanted to see how he handled the adversity; to turn these failures in to successful lessons. I hoped to see a kid bounce back from so many difficulties. This was not just about baseball… it was about character, confidence, resiliency, and persistence.  


B) Go see one of my all time favorite musicians in concert. I was given free tickets. This musician rarely tours. This band is Ben Folds Five… and for reasons only God knows, they are opening for Bare Naked Ladies. This is a decision to see Ben Folds. It might be my last opportunity. 

Tough decision. I battled it for two days. I talked it out with people. Each and every person I spoke to pushed for the concert. “It will be ok, it is just one game. Your son will understand.” All of which is true. 

I chose the concert. It was a good show, but not great. Because Ben Folds was an opening act, they didn’t play as much as they otherwise would have. But they were awesome. So talented. it felt like a tease. When they finished, I DEFINITELY did not… I still have a wicked case of Ben Folds Five Blue Balls. 

And to make things worse, which I KNEW would happen, my son’s team goes into extra innings. He hits in the game tying run. He then beautifully makes his way to 3rd base after a steal of second and taking third on an infield single. Where his next teammate hits a single, and my son is the winning run. Walk-off. Go home. 

In the 3 years of competition baseball, close to 200 games, there have been about 3 walk off endings. They are exciting. I missed my son stepping up in a huge way. I missed him growing and becoming better and learning from previous challenges. He could have cracked under the pressure. I am terribly sad that I missed this great moment in his life. A moment he will always remember. I am so sad I missed it, but I am so happy and proud of him.

So, the question is, knowing what I know now… if I could do it all over again, what decision would I make? Well, Sorry Ben Folds, my son would win… and he probably should have the first time. 

-Proud Parent