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Below is an exact email I received from work in all its glory. I did not change a single word. Sit back, enjoy, and be thankful for your job. 

“I know it is hot and I have talked to CE about the temperatures but I continue to be told that this is being worked for all the Base.  Good news all the heat has been shut off, however no air conditioning will be turned on until 1 June; at which time the air will be turned on in the scheduled phases like always.  So if you have legitimate physical medical or other reasons you can’t tolerate the temperatures within the building you need to talk to your supervisor about purchasing fans, etc., to make your day more comfortable.  The entire base is in the same situation with high 70’s to mid-80 degree temperatures.”

“Another item that I need to bring up:  Please do not put paper towels or other items down the toilets.  Paper towel all need to go in the garbage cans, we had an unpleasant issue today and the cause was paper towels in the urinal.”

“I am waiting for it too cool off a little so we can plan our spring weed and feed so watch for more information coming soon.”

So yea, I work in a hot, urine soaked building. Amerinca…*sigh*… Eff yeah.