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I haven’t posted in a little while.

My mind and motivation have been elsewhere. I am focused on a career transition. Started out as possibly looking into life coaching. Then that has kind of fizzled. It has just been to cumbersome gathering real information. 

Now, I am looking into healthcare. This feels right (at least right now). I might not be a doctor or a therapist, but i feel like there is still some good I can do… some service I can provide. And I can have an immediate impact of the life of many people. Maybe I am seeing healthcare as an occupational oasis, but I know that it isn’t the DOD desert I am currently wasting away in. 

Still going to do some comedy as well. I hope to get back on stage really soon. Maybe this will be the summer of comedy. I also hope to write more. Even when I don’t have anything to say…just get down, start writing. Who knows…maybe something happens. SOMETHING MAGICAL! (seems like a sound effect would go nice right about now)