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I was at dinner with my girlfriend at Texas Roadhouse. At this particular restaurant they love a few things: steak, buttery rolls, and mother fucking country music beeeotch!

I told her the following joke after about the third country song (and my third roll for what it’s worth):

*First a quick note: this joke isn’t going to seem that funny as you read it, but that isn’t my point… just hear me out.*

“the next country song will always be the worst song you will have ever heard”

She found this funny. Which was the point, but not what this was about. This is about the dude sitting with his pregger wife in the booth next to us. He looked miserable (and kind of creepy). But he laughed about it. And that made me smile as well. 

This is why I like telling jokes. This guy looked like he was having a below average day in the joy department (maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was also Easter Sunday and he wasn’t going to be getting in creeper sex). But at least for a fleeting moment he heard something that made him smile and laugh. 

This is part of what motivates me.