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Over the past couple of years I have begun to explore what in my life makes me happy. 

Comedy is one of those things.

Another is helping other people, in a variety of ways.

The former is something I have started doing, and is kind of a hobby, no real career aspirations. 

The later is a different story. I currently work for the USAF. I have a pretty good job, when you consider pay, security, and benefits. I don’t have a good job when one considers I have absolutely no love there. I have no desire to work for the USAF every morning when I wake up. This is not new, and is an issue I have been dealing with since I began my job over six years ago. 

With that being said. I am grateful for my job. It has providing me with many opportunities. I could finish my career there and have a nice life.

However, I am looking for more. Looking to reach my potential, to become and do what makes me happy; helping people get the most out of life.

I attempted this when I was younger when I got my BS in psychology. Due to life’s little obstacles, I was not able to pursue higher education in that field. 

So now I am at a point in my life where I am ready to pursue a career where I can help people more. I am looking to become a certified life coach. This has been a tricky field and career option to research. The training and certification process can feel vague and “to good to be true.” 

I see the value in a life/career coach. I think this is something I would be good at. I just don’t know where to get started. I feel like I have looked at dozens of training programs… each promising a fruitful career if you just spend a couple thousands dollars with their training. 

I don’t know what to do. So here is my questions to the wonderful blog-o-sphere:

What do you think of life coaching?

What training programs have you life coaches out there found success with and are there ones you would avoid?

Sorry that this blog was long and humorless, but I hope to find some words of wisdom.